I am a counselor, psychotherapist, energy healer and an Empowerment coach. I also work at Access Consciousness as a Bars and Body Process Facilitator.
I am a mother of 2 and a wife to an amazing businessman. I grew up with creative influences around me. I always had an urge of creating something, which can make connections with people; it could be in relationships or in friendships; through some fun loving games and workshops.

I have also worked as a teacher in a school and in a professional institute. It helped me understand what this generation is looking for. So with this awareness I started making learning in more fun loving and energetic way. Parents and kids are giving positive feedbacks and suggestions regarding our games and workshops. This helps us in improvisation of products.

I believe in dreaming big and I know that with little hard work, I can achieve my dreams and live the life I want to. One of my mottos is to let people know that they can also live the life, which they want. And in Infinite Space, we also help people to regain their trust and confidence.



Empowerment and consciousness coach, counsellor in alternative healing.
she is a certified access consciousness bars facilitator and body process facilitator.
Being a mother and a coach she realized the importance of life skills and learning in kids and adults. She believes in the pragmatics of living life in every moment. Play is quickest form of leaning. The ease, creativity ,wonderment and excitement of play can easily enhance skills in every individual.

# what if everything that we ever want to learn is easiest when we play with it?

# At infinite space we look for more expansion in all areas of our lives with the help of play

# it helps us to connect with people around and stimulate our creativity Infinite space for her is to add fun, connect, learning, play, self-awareness, self-expression, positivity by using various mediums such as workshops , games ,classes ,products etc.

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